“Now it takes two. And it used to take one.”

Winery at the Finger Lakes, NY

Wedding #1: Brian and Julia Get Married

After a wine tour through the Finger Lakes in upstate New York, an outdoor BBQ (the rehearsal dinner), a small outdoor ceremony on the grounds of a local winery, and a reception complete with beer brewed at home (by Julia’s dad), Brian and Julia, danced to “Two” by Ryan Adams. The song floated crisp and clear from Brian’s iPod as 60 of us stood in a tight circle admiring them. It is a perfect memory for the weekend: cozy and intimate.

5 other favorite moments:

On Friday we took a bus tour through wine country (around the lake) and visited five wineries. Harry, Carter and I woke up at 5:00AM to arrive in time for the tour….and it was well worth it! We drank wine and got to know 40 other guests (this made the  actual wedding so much more fun because we knew almost everyone by weekend’s end!). Julia, having thought through each part of the weekend, supplied us with  sandwiches in the middle of the tour, and on the way back to the houses by the lake, cheese and crackers.

Friday night we had delicious, casual outdoor dinner from Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syracuse (a favorite of the bride and groom).  Harry and I sat with Julia’s mom, dad, aunt and family friends. We chatted about New York City, internet safety and landscaping.

On Saturday, friends Seth and Annie, convinced me (and Harry, though he didn’t need convincing) to head 40 min into town to Watkins Glen. We hiked two hours through the gorge. It was quite hot, but in the shady middle of the gorge the air was cool and refreshing.

The ceremony was at 6PM overlooking the lake in the distance. Julia and her father walked down from a house behind and above us. Julia, carrying an orange bouquet of flowers, smiled and blushed. She looked very beautiful.

Lastly…the food and drinks! Instead of a formal dinner, they served brick oven pizza (made right there in front of us) and some other appetizers. The wine came from the winery (of course) and the beer? Brewed by Julia’s dad!

Brian and Julia planned a quaint and unique wedding. It was a wonderful reminder about celebrating love with the people you love.

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