Joanie! Joanie! Hooray!

Cleveland, OHIO 16-18 July 2010 Joanie and David tied the knot in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, July 17. Joanie, Katie Kopil and I lived together our first year (Joanie’s second) out of college. It was a hectic time, filled with love, broken hearts, job frustration and strong friendship for all of us. Joanie and David went on a long distance roller coaster that year – … Continue reading Joanie! Joanie! Hooray!

“Bermuda, Bahama Come On Pretty Mama”

BERMUDA 7-12 July 2010 Harry and I left NYC (and the 102 degree weather) last Tuesday afternoon for Bill and Kerry’s wedding in Bermuda.  As the plane took off, I whispered to Harry “this is the best part because the vacation hasn’t started yet, so we have everything to look forward to.” I am not sure if this statement is actually true, but it is … Continue reading “Bermuda, Bahama Come On Pretty Mama”