“Bermuda, Bahama Come On Pretty Mama”

7-12 July 2010

Harry and I left NYC (and the 102 degree weather) last Tuesday afternoon for Bill and Kerry’s wedding in Bermuda.  As the plane took off, I whispered to Harry “this is the best part because the vacation hasn’t started yet, so we have everything to look forward to.”

I am not sure if this statement is actually true, but it is comforting to watch the New York City lights fade into the distance with my anxieties, deadlines,  and midterms. I was looking forward to reading on the beach, dancing under the stars and exploring a new place with Harry on a moped.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we sped around the island, visiting with Kerry and Bill at The Reefs, riding west to the Royal Naval Dockyard, checking out the Gibbs Lighthouse (where I actually refused leave my post hugging the lighthouse wall) and of course we read on the beach (That Old Cape Magic had me hooked all week!).  Although I was a bit nervous at first, riding around on the moped was a carefree approach to seeing the island. We got lost, found our way and got lost again (Harry probably did that on purpose).

Friday Night: The Rehearsal Dinner at The Hog Penny Pub
After the wedding rehearsal we traveled in vans to Hamilton for the rehearsal dinner. The night was filled with good food and fun conversations. I had a rack of ribs and ate so much that I had to sit still for 30 minutes. Bill and Kerry looked especially happy. Again, it was a great moment of anticipation…all of the celebration was ahead of us. Bill’s father noted in his speech at the dinner that the night before the wedding is all about the coming together of family and friends. The wedding is about the wonderment and mystery of two people committing their lives to each other.

Saturday Night: The Wedding at the Reefs Hotel
The actual ceremony was on a wood deck at the Reefs facing the ocean – an incredible location to be wed. As we waited for the ceremony to begin, we fanned ourselves with straw fans wrapped in pink and green ribbon, enjoyed moments of cooling cloud cover and laughed with Bill’s nephew when he asked “Where is Uncle Kerry?”.

At the start , the Bermudian who lead the ceremony asked us  to put down our fans and cameras and  start the occasion with the proper introduction – a round of applause.  The bridesmaids and groomsmen arrived behind us and walked towards the water. Kerry and her father appeared last. Kerry was striking in her dress. Absolutely stunning.

We spent the evening chatting away over dinner and dancing under the stars. Kerry’s mom who was especially sad to see the night end requested that the band play “one last song.” We closed the night flapping our hands and  moving our feet to “Shout.”

A special special thank you to the Poster’s for hosting us all week. There is nothing like being on vacation and staying with friends that make you feel at home.

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