Joanie! Joanie! Hooray!

Cleveland, OHIO
16-18 July 2010

Joanie and David tied the knot in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, July 17.

Joanie, Katie Kopil and I lived together our first year (Joanie’s second) out of college. It was a hectic time, filled with love, broken hearts, job frustration and strong friendship for all of us. Joanie and David went on a long distance roller coaster that year – Joanie moved to New York, just three weeks after David and her started dating – but they found themselves in love and eventually Joanie moved back to Chicago.  Last year when she phoned me to tell me she was engaged I noted that I had never heard her voice so happy. It was true, she sounded truly joyful. And I was so excited for her.

In April Joanie mentioned she decided to keep her wedding dress a secret. She also mentioned that she went with somewhat of a trendy choice.  Joanie didn’t jump on double denim this year or try to incorporate rompers into her wardrobe, she has a classic, polished style. So, of course, I was curious but the conversation glided somewhere else and I didn’t think much of it.

On Saturday afternoon as my friends from college and I waited for Joanie to appear in the back of the church, there was a bit of extra anticipation. We all had gotten the same response when we asked about the dress. We whispered and giggled in the pew: “What dress had she chosen?”

It was gorgeous and almost impossible to describe. The horizontal stripes (yes stripes!) were never expected and they were an absolutely amazing detail and the gathered material in the back was extra cute.  Ok! Ok! Hover to see the front and the back of the dress (& Joanie)!  I just wanted to peak your curiosity just like Joanie peaked mine.

At the reception, Table 17 was a Princeton soccer reunion + Harry.  We played one of my favorite games “the question game” prompted by Jenny asking: “One food, only one food for the rest of your life?” Pizza was not an option as it has more than one ingredient. I asked, “On an island for the rest of your life with a celebrity, who would it be?” (Due to my recent obsession with Bethenny Frankel , I decided she was absolutely the right pick.)

The music started and we practically ran for the dance floor. The Avenue started the night off with some oldies but goodies and slowly moved through the decades. A request (from a boy!) for Miley Cyrus really got everyone on the dance floor.  We danced until the music stopped and the lights went on! It was a great celebration. Although I took lots of pictures, Katie Kopil really captured the weekend, check out her album. Can’t wait for the next Pton soccer wedding…Al, you’re next!

2 thoughts on “Joanie! Joanie! Hooray!

  1. Joanie Joanie Hooray indeed! And while I do agree that Joanie avoided the double denim trend, you forget that she does now lovey dove dove JEGGINGS. Yes. The jegs. When you put that with the dress, it really might only be a matter of time before we see her rocking a harem-pant jumper.

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