CWhite and Anna Getting Hitched!

cwhiteannaThis weekend we will celebrate the marriage of Cris and Anna in Vermont.  I could not be more excited for them.  CWhite and I met on our first day at Princeton and I thought it might be fun to tell a few stories before the big day – including the the first time that Cris and Anna met.

Ending up in the same empty dorm building  on the first night of Princeton soccer preseason freshman year, Cris White (aka CWhite or CWhizzle as I would later call him) and I ordered pizza, talked about our high school sweethearts (lots of love Kyle!), and spent time being nervous together instead of  nervous alone.  Although a close friendship never resulted over the next four years when CWhite’s name came up, I affectionately added: “ He was the first person I met at Princeton.”

cwhiteandfriends-1After college, we both moved to New York. I heard from a friend that “CWhite is working at ESPN Zone.”  I probably responded: “He was the first person I met at Princeton,” and then “that’s weird.” From here things get a little bit fuzzy. I am not sure how our group of friends overlapped or who connected us, but it feels like one day I woke up and CWhite was an integral part of my life in New York City. We were in the same shore house, he lived around the corner from my friends Mr. Paige , Matt Farmer and Taylor and most importantly, we commuted to White Plains together (CWhite got a real job!)  for almost two years.

CWhite would arrive on the train each morning, the jolly giant that he is with his empty computer bag (why did you carry that thing!?) swung over his shoulder and a happy “hello.” Sometimes we fell asleep, sometimes I clearly wasn’t in the mood to chat (apparently CWhite could tell) and other days we shared the successes, failures and confusions of our lives (as if that dorm room night was a foreshadowing of what was to come).  I hated that commute, but I loved those talks.

Once in a while we had lunch together in White Plains and we usually met on the street corner between our buildings. On one sunny day I was running late to meet Cris and was hustling down the sidewalk when I realized that he was on the corner, talking to a pretty (and very fashionable!) girl.  I approached and awkwardly punched him in the arm to establish that we were “just friends.”

In months after meeting Anna, I (and CWhite too!) discovered that Anna is as friendly and positive as she is beautiful. A Vermont  hippy attracted to the city lights, Anna had ended up living in Harlem and working for a non-profit in White Plains. It wasn’t the necessarily the complete dream, but Anna has the special ability to make any situation positive and wonderful. CWhite and Anna started going on lunch dates and then (finally!) on dinner dates.  And Anna and I secretly discussed the ins and outs of CWhizzle. It’s been over three years since that sidewalk run-in and I could not be more excited  to celebrate with them at their wedding this weekend.  The coming together of two truly authentic and beautiful people. Much love to the soon-to-be AWhizzle and Cris! xo

Got a CWhite/Anna story!? Share it!

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