Love, Love, Love Russ and Tara!

IMG_3991 (Small)Russ (friend of Harry’s from college) proposed to Tara on his birthday last winter. In front of friends and family at their home in Jersey City, he shocked Tara with the proposal. We all suspected they would get married, but none of us knew when. We definitely didn’t think it would be on his birthday! Tara once confided that she and Russ talked about a life together, but rarely about the actual timing in terms of getting engaged and married. And Tara, unlike most, didn’t seem to mind one way or the other. Tara and Russ are that special, no-drama, fun-all-the-time, feels-like-it-was-meant-to-be couple. We all knew they were meant to be together, and I suppose Tara knew best. She had no worries about the time line as far as I could tell. Nonetheless Russ really surprised Tara and put a big smile on her face that lasted for days and days.

Unfortunately, Harry was sick in bed and I was at another birthday party that night. If you know me, you know how disappointed I was to (unknowingly) miss such a monumental event. Ugh! So when Tara and Russ told us the official date of the wedding at a BBQ last spring, we weren’t going to miss the wedding! We marked it on the calendar and arranged an early flight home from the Krum family vacation.

IMG_3936 (Small)Tara invited me to get my nails done with her bridal party before the rehearsal dinner, so I got my nails painted red and snapped photos of the bridesmaids. On the way back from the nail salon (on the way to the church), I walked and chatted with Russ’s mom. There is something very special about chatting with someone so close to the wedding. Memories, funny stories and even worries spilled out onto the sidewalk and I felt quite honored to have spent that time with her.

On September 10th, 2010, Tara and Russ tied the knot in Jersey City with a reception at the Liberty House which looks across the river directly at New York City. It was a beautiful evening filled with family, friends, and of course, non-stop dancing. In every blog post I tell you how much we danced. Hands down I danced more at this wedding than ever before. Out on the dance floor before dinner and right after dinner, the band was awesome. The pre dinner dancing kicked off with Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” (click the link!) and my heart was won. IMG_4035 (Small)Russ and his friends from high school (shout-out to gorgeous Borst) were especially outgoing on the dance floor and we found ourselves circling around them on more than one occasion. Tara’s mom also joined the fun from beginning to end. I hope I dance that much at my kids’ weddings!

Another highlight: Russ’s younger brother Matt’s best man speech. He joked “No one falls in love with a Pareti brother at first sight…look at us…But we grow on you…like fungus.” Matt stated that he had no real advice for Russ because he isn’t married, but that he very much loves and respects Russ. He mentioned that Russ showed up in Germany to send him off for his first deployment. It was a very short statement, but one that captures Russ.

IMG_4038 (Small)In closing, I have to take a moment and talk about Tara’s wedding shoes. Tara works in jewelry and fashion, yet she wasn’t overly picky about her dress. She found one she loved and in her budget on her first outing and went with it. (So pretty!) However, she admitted that she splurged on her heels. I am sorry to say I don’t know the brand and I didn’t even take a picture, but just imagine a gorgeous and comfortable pair of high heels in a beige/pink patent leather. So what’s so interesting about a girl splurging on a pair of wedding shoes? To make it worth it, Tara wore the shoes leading up to the wedding whenever she got a chance. I loved it! “Why wait?” she’d ask when I saw her. I have to say, Tara changed my thinking on “saving” clothing and shoes. “Why wait?” is much more fun.

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