Love to JW & Lisa!

9 October 2010
Paoli, PA

I met JW and Lisa in the basement of a college frat house when I was visiting my older brother Clayton for a weekend (circa 2002). Oddly, for most of the night I was under the impression that JW and Lisa were also brother and sister. Finally I whispered to Clayton, “they are really affectionate siblings.”

After eight years together, meeting in college and staying together through several years of living in different cities, JW and Lisa are a sweet reminder that sometimes the pace is slower than we expect, but well worth the journey. Last Saturday, they exchanged vows in PA surrounded by family and friends on a beautiful, sunny October day.  The day was filled with tiny, memorable, moments:

The weekend started with a somewhat stressful car ride to PA, leaving us short on time. Instead of going to the hotel before the ceremony, Harry and I changed in the bathroom of a Boston Market. Adventurous!

IMG_4270 (Small)Lisa was radiant as she walked down the aisle. For a brief moment her facial expression let us know that she was holding back tears; then she straightened her shoulders and grinned at JW.  It was one of my favorite wedding moments of the season.

The priest had to give his sermon sitting down because of a foot injury, nonetheless, his words and delivery left a lasting impression. His message was somewhat simple, reminding JW and Lisa to “continue to learn how to communicate with each other,” yet I don’t think I will forget how sincere his delivery sounded.

The reception was at a beautiful stone mansion.  Harry and I  enjoyed cocktails on the porch  with my brother, Sarah and their friends from college.  As a little sister who envies her brother, I am always excited (even at age 28) to be part of my big bro’s world. Good times with  Shia & Anna, Big Mike & Kristen, Sweet, Carter, Rich, Lou, Ben and Jackie.

IMG_4304 (Small)My brother started his speech by explaining that unlike most best man speeches he doesn’t have a story that the bride hasn’t heard:  Lisa knows all the stories, in fact she has been there for most of them.  Clayton highlighted changes in JW since their college days. For example: The same guy who emptied an entire container of red pepper on to a slice of pizza and ate it on a dare… is now the Guy who takes a GNC pack of 10 vitamins daily.  Or the same guy would wear old warm up pants, a G-burg soccer t-shirt, and a mesh hat to go out to eat …. Is now the guy who asks you and your friends whether his jeans are “dark” enough to go to a bar NYC. Clayton concluded by reminding us that it is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

We danced before dinner,  during the dinner and after dinner. Clayton’s friends kicked off the night with a large circle and two people pretending to hold a jump rope. Friends danced in and out of the imaginary rope. Amazingly, the imaginary rope, makes everyone less self-conscious about being the center of attention.  I loved it!

Pizza at the end of a wedding is awesome. Harry and I both regretted it in the morning, but it was just so great at the time.

The 7:30 AM alarm to assure we got the Zipcar back to New York on time was not a highlight.

Cheers to JW and Lisa! And thanks for including me and Harry!

2 thoughts on “Love to JW & Lisa!

  1. Good Times! Food, check. Drinks, check. Good Music, check. Awkward dancing (jump rope compliments of Mo O’Donnell), check. Sweet stealing the microphone from the band and singing Sweet Caroline at the end of the night, double (no, triple) check.

  2. What a perfect recap of a wonderful wedding! My favorite thing about the day was that it suited Lisa and JW perfectly — it was very “them.” And since they are amazing, the celebration was, too.

    Lovely blog!

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