Beach Bachelorette = Positive Modulation

7-9 January 2011
Captiva, Florida

…and I’m back on the wedding train! Summer 2012 plans are shaping up with some spectacular people getting hitched. This past weekend, I started off the year with an absolutely amazing trip to Captiva, Florida to celebrate one of my oldest friend’s, Aynsley’s, engagement. Aynsley and Tyson got engaged over Labor Day in September. Her sisters and friends from high school, college and Seattle traveled from far and wide, to dance and party about the news. Shout-out to the all the beautiful ladies (friends new and old!): Al, Ness, C-Dog, Ev, Mavs, Elle, Malika and Shaps

Top Stuff of the Weekend

First of all, Aynsley planned everything. She made it so easy for all of us just show up and have fun. (So wonderful my friend, thank you.)

I caught an early flight out of NYC (to avoid the snow storm) and found one of  my friends from high school, Ally, in the same terminal, minutes after I landed. We hadn’t seen each other in years, and it felt a bit like coming home. Not cheesy, (because Al is pretty much the opposite of cheesy), just really really nice.

Before heading out to dinner Friday night, we all hung out in the master bathroom of the condo, talking, taking pictures and getting ready. As many of you know, I love, love, love getting ready with friends. (My love for group preparation comes from getting ready to go to the mall on Friday nights with Aynsley, Al and Ness in middle school.  And in high school we always got ready for school dances together!)

Friday night we ate a The Old Captiva House on the island. We were the only people in the restaurant! Connor (C-Dog), Aynsley’s sister suggested we order every appetizer and soup/salad on the menu. So delicious (and affordable)! Aynsley and her sisters are a talented group of artists  — including music — and they knew what song the pianist was playing before he even got to the refrain. This was extra hard for me to understand.

After dinner we headed to the bar connected to the restaurant where Aynsley jammed with a cut-off jean wearing, somewhat serious, local dancer.  Completely unforgettable.

Saturday morning we packed up the groceries and headed to the dock to catch a boat to North Captiva Island for the night. Pictures are the best description of this knock-you-off-our-feet weekend getaway. Nonetheless the equations looks something like this: 10 beautiful girls + sunny island + house complete with big kitchen, huge deck and beds for everyone = incredible.

The afternoon was full of funny, enlightening and solid conversations and (lots of drinking and eating!) in the sun on the deck.

As the sun set we participated in a scavenger hunt (planned by C-Dog) that ended on the dock underneath the most CAPTIVAting (ha) sky of stars.

Evan, Aynsley’s oldest sister, gets a special shout-out. Seven months pregnant and she was a complete light and life of the party!

Aynsley, much love and I can’t wait to celebrate with you and Tyson in June. Keep rockin’ and bein’ real. I love that about you. And I love you very much.

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