Rhett, Libby & Their Wonderful Wedding

3-4 September 2011 Charleston, South Carolina I met Rhett and Libby (Harry’s cousin) at Harry’s other cousin Molly’s wedding in June. They were all smiles as they talked about their wedding plans for September. It occurred to me then and became obvious as the wedding weekend unfolded: Rhett and Libby want everyone to have as much fun as they have together. Their happiness is contagious. … Continue reading Rhett, Libby & Their Wonderful Wedding

Here’s to Your Mrs. Robinson!

August 18-21 Russian River, California My always-makes-me-smile friend Jenny has found the man that makes her smile big: Alex. And I am so happy for her. On the Thursday evening before Jenny’s bachelorette weekend, I rushed through the front door of a bridal store in San Francisco, fearing that I had missed her dress appointment and my chance to see her in her dress. But … Continue reading Here’s to Your Mrs. Robinson!