Here’s to Your Mrs. Robinson!

August 18-21
Russian River, California

My always-makes-me-smile friend Jenny has found the man that makes her smile big: Alex. And I am so happy for her.

On the Thursday evening before Jenny’s bachelorette weekend, I rushed through the front door of a bridal store in San Francisco, fearing that I had missed her dress appointment and my chance to see her in her dress. But there she stood. Beautiful. She was in no rush. She smiled brightly, giggled, and explained “Krummer, we need to pick out my veil.”

We left for the Russian River on Friday afternoon. A car load of girls (with many stories to tell) assured that regardless of the traffic, time flew. We arrived at a beautiful cottage in the midst of the vineyards stocked full of drinks and food (all organized by Jenny’s sister. Thank you for everything Sarah!)

The weekend highlights:
Friday night started with (skinny) margaritas and a Mexican feast. At dinner (and breakfast the next day!), Kate (the groom’s sister) shared many unforgettable stories. An outgoing sister of the groom at the bachelorette is quite a treasure chest of entertainment!

Saturday afternoon we loaded up two cars with girls, beer and water tubes drove to the river. We soaked in the sun and floated down the river all afternoon. A dream of an afternoon in my book.

When we arrived back at the house, we faced the reality that the house had no hot water and the problem was not likely to be solved before we went out for the night. Each lady took on the situation with a different solution: Jenny opted out of a shower all together. Friend Alex (not groom Alex) dove in (hair first) declaring that she absolutely had to wash her hair. After 10 min her fingers were purple — but her hair was clean!

Out in a tiny town, we danced and made friends. Sarah handed out candy at the bar. And we chatted with all the locals.

As we paraded outside to head home, the bouncer announced that the black car in front of the bar was the only taxi left. (Not true. But we believed him.) We squished into the cab and tried to stay very quiet. At the house, we noisily fell out of the car. I turned to the driver and asked: “How much?” She shrugged and said “$20 ok?” Pure kindness. We gave her much more and hurried inside.

We departed for the airport pretty early on Sunday, only comforted by the fact that we would all see each other again in September.

Jenny makes me smile. Jenny on the phone. Jenny on a jog. Jenny on the dance floor. And especially, Jenny getting married. I cannot wait to see her and Alex (the groom) on their wedding weekend. Much love my friend.

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