Rhett, Libby & Their Wonderful Wedding

3-4 September 2011
Charleston, South Carolina

I met Rhett and Libby (Harry’s cousin) at Harry’s other cousin Molly’s wedding in June. They were all smiles as they talked about their wedding plans for September. It occurred to me then and became obvious as the wedding weekend unfolded: Rhett and Libby want everyone to have as much fun as they have together. Their happiness is contagious. Following are the thoughtful wedding details they included to help bring the big smiles and all the happy (in my opinion):

The weekend kicked off  in the backyard of Libby’s parents’ house on the bay in Charleston. White lights, live music, huge backyard trees, sweet tea and classic southern cooking (including a pig) set the tone for the evening. Rhett’s mom gave us a warm southern welcome (the kind that makes you just want to give her a  hug) and we spent the night eating, chatting and bouncing on Rhett’s homemade joggling boards. (A 19th century Charleston tradition!)

After the ceremony on Sunday, we  gathered on the sidewalk outside the church to watch Rhett and Libby drive away. To my delight, there was also a local music group singing spirituals. Their upbeat and joyous sound was the perfect ending to the ceremony.  My description doesn’t do them justice. Check out this video. 

The entire reception was outside on the bay — it was the kind of setting that urges you to have more fun and worry less.

As you all know by now, I don’t mind being the first person on the dance floor — especially when the band is awesome. Rhett and Libby found a stellar band. Harry, Elizabeth and I kicked off the night with some dancing (as everyone else enjoyed their dinner)! We spent most of the night there, stopping briefly to eat and visit the bar.

The night ended with a wedding first for me: Everyone grabbed a sparkler and waved to Rhett and Libby as they left the reception on a boat. A magical ending, to quite a magical weekend. Check out the photos from the weekend! Special thanks to Harry’s mom, sisters and extended family for including me in all the festivities.

Congrats Rhett and Libby. Hope to see you soon. xo

2 thoughts on “Rhett, Libby & Their Wonderful Wedding

  1. Oh My Gosh Katie! I love it! Very well written and so sweet!!! You definitely did start the dancing and kept it going all night!!!!! We love you!!!!

  2. I don’t remember meeting you, but you described the weekend perfectly. It was a wonderful wedding. Libby and Rhett’s joy and love were contagious. Like you, I was thrilled to be included in such a special day.

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