Cheers to Big Al & Matt!

September 10, 2011
Garden City, New York

Old friend and soccer pal, Alex tied the knot with Matt a few weeks ago in Garden City, New York. Alex has been sharing tiny details since Matt and she started planning, so it was especially exciting to experience the big day in full. The highlights:

Alex told me that she was planning a traditional Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony in honor of her grandparents. While this is a sentiment I can very much appreciate (I have a special soft place in my heart for my grandparents), I had know idea what to expect and wondered: How long will it be? Will I know what is going on? To my delight, Alex and Matt created a detailed wedding program that explained all of the symbolism and ancient tradions.

Two of  my favorites:  Alex had the initials of her unmarried bridesmaids stitched in her dress — wishing them the same good fortune in love . The wedding crowns (joined together by ribbon), used during The Crowning, a focal point of the ceremony, were the same crowns that Alex’s grandparents wore.

The food at the cocktail reception knocked my stockings off. Lobster, crab, shrimp, roast beef, cheese…the list goes on! I exclaimed to Alex’s mom that it was absolutely incredible. And as is often true when I think something is delicious, I repeated the sentiment to Harry several times.

Soccer weddings (as I call them), or weddings of Princeton soccer teammates, have the added bonus of gathering us together for a reunion. They result in a table close to the dance floor with some of my favorite people catching up and spilling stories. A more recent tradion has been to sit all of our dates next to each other, so we can huddle close and get as much time together as possible. Alex’s reception was no exception. I can’t really express how much I enjoy that time together.

The family dances were especially sweet. Alex mentioned months earlier that they were practicing their first dance. As a result,  they were giddy and comfortable, and any nervousness was canceled by a glance at each other. A short time later Alex and her dad rocked-out and had a blast. The band exclaimed that it was the best father/daughter dance they had ever seen. I agree!

Special shout-out to Liz (favorite friend who I have known since I was 10) who came a night early and provided Harry and me with extended weekend entertainment.

Much love Alex and Matt!

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