Jenny & Alex (part 1 of 3)

September 22-25
Lopez Island, WA

Jenny and Alex got married near the end of September on Lopez Island (part of the San Juan Islands) off the coast of Washington (very close to Canada). It was an epic weekend:  A ton of amazing planned and sponatenous moments. In the next few posts, I’ll share the inspiring events of the 4-day weekend.

I’ll kick off this 3-part wedding series with the speech I gave at the rehearsal dinner.

Some background: With each speech I learn something.  As you might recall, at my brother’s wedding, I had the speech memorized, but cried through the entire thing. This time I was worried that I didn’t have my words memorized, so I took my note cards to the microphone.  Instead of looking at Jenny and Alex, I looked down! Frown.

After we returned from Lopez, at dinner with my friends from grad school, I recited the speech to prove to myself  that I could do it. Note cards are no longer part of my speech equation. Here it is in written form (maybe I should have made a video of the redo!?):

“I haven’t given a speech about Jenny since college. – I spoke about her speed and skill on the soccer field — she was a small but mighty midfielder. Mostly though, I talked about Jenny as my friend. Three soccer seasons, quite a bit of time spent in the locker room, on a bus, on the bench, at the library and of course on the dance floor — we along with the other soccer girls were the closest of friends. More like family.

Fast forward 8 years, our friendship is steadfast, quirky and honest —  as well as bi-coastal. Our mutual love for all things digital assures that we can connect at almost any moment. Gchat is our favorite place to unpack our lives, so it is no surprise that when I looked back at our conversations from December 2009, I found mentions of a  “friend” from business school.  Alex she told me “likes to talk about everything” and “they cuddled on the couch, but didn’t kiss” were some of the highlights. It wasn’t long before I realized that my dear friend was falling in love and even though I didn’t get a chance to meet him right away I loved Alex because of the stories she told me. Skinner had met someone who urged her into new spaces of communication, love and understanding.

Alex and Skinner, I love you dearly and wish you a lifetime of thorough conversations and lots of cuddling (with kisses). I’ve stolen a verse from from Joni Mitchelle for the toast:
So here’s to you / May your skies be blue / And your love blessed / That’s my best to you”

More to come (very soon)!

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