Jenny & Alex (part 2 of 3)

September 23
Lopez Island, WA

Phew!  We made it. Lilly, Alex (who came straight from her honeymoon!), Harry and I boarded the only ferry to Lopez that got us to the rehearsal on time. We took in the view and then made some last minute phone calls (no service on the island!).

An announcer (as if from the heavens and speaking directly to us) came on the loud speaker: “This is not the ferry to Lopez. If you are going to Lopez, THIS is NOT your Ferry.”

What? The wrong ferry? We leaped like frogs, grabbed our bags and raced through the third floor double doors to find a crew member. We found out later that Jenny’s friend Erin and her boyfriend predicted our mistake (they were driving on) and asked them to make an announcement, literally, for us. Fifteen minutes later, we were on the right ferry, laughing and relieved.

At the rehearsal, we saw the ceremony courtyard for the first time. A green square that showcased the the view of the water (Jone’s Bay).  The wedding party’s buzz and chatter combined with the unseasonably sunny afternoon brought the entire scene to life. I imagine, for Jenny, it was a kind of happier than happy moment: All of the people she loves gathered, joking, laughing, in the place that she adores, the day before her wedding.

After the rehearsal, we shuttled over to the barn for a evening with family and friends. The authentic decorations, the delicious food and the many thoughtful speeches — it was all a wonderful precursor to the big day. But it was the barn dance after dinner that was the most magnetic and magical. The caller was focused (but still fun). She lead us from dance to dance and slowly convinced us that we, although skeptics, beginners, and (many of us) strangers, could all swing, turn, twist, clap and dance, together. (Sad to say I don’t any photos, I was too busy twirling and turning.)

Conclusion: Square dancing is amazing and should be a pop culture phenomena. Don’t you agree!?

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