Jenny & Alex (part 3 of 3)

September 24: Wedding Day
Lopez Island, WA

The big and small moments that made the memories:

First and foremost, my friend Jenny was a very beautiful bride. (Alex you were quite dapper as well!)

Before the ceremony, all the ladies gathered at the house to get ready with Jenny. As I mentioned, there was no cell service on the island. This left Harry with no car, no phone and no friends for most of the day on Saturday.  Resourceful Harry found a bike and traveled into town to converse with the locals. On Sunday as we took his bike route (via shuttle) back to the ferry, we established that he probably biked over 8 miles (in his jeans!).

Make-up inspires Jenny’s creative genius. Her wedding hair and make-up artist — Armando — was tasked with bringing her vision to life. Armando respected her options and tossed in his own to spice up the overall result. In the end, they were a quirky and inspirational team.

Jenny mentioned that she was a little worried that the vows they wrote were a bit long. During the ceremony, I thought, that wasn’t long, but it was so…descriptive: They promised to me wide-eyed” and “playful” about the future of their love. We found out later that the Justice of the Peace had read the wrong ceremony! A wedding first.

Perhaps the most lovely part of the ceremony was Alex’s friends Andrew singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I have a super soft spot for live music at a wedding sung by friends or family. (Max, Matt, Joey, I’m looking at you.) I also have a super soft spot for speeches at weddings. Sarah, Jenny’s sister, did an exceptional job. Goose bumps, tears, laughs, it was all there.

Lastly, as soccer weddings go, I loved the time spent with soccer friends  at dinner, on the dance floor, and at the after party.

Special thanks and shout-out to close friend from high-school Aynsley, her husband Tyson and sister Connor who took us out the Thursday night before the wedding. It was an all-star night. One of those nights that you wish you could do all over again.

One more wedding left this season! Laine, I can’t wait! (Hope you guys have enjoyed the blog.)

4 thoughts on “Jenny & Alex (part 3 of 3)

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing all these amazing memories of such beautiful weddings! Much love to you. And if ever you and Harry wanna come back to Seattle, our doors are always open!

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