Take Me to Texas!

November 11-13
Houston, Texas

This is my last post of  the 2011 wedding season. It comes to you extremely late, but with lots of love.

In November, Laine and Matt got married in Houston, Texas. Even though college-friend Laine and I don’t see each other very often, when someone mentions her, my immediate response is “oh, I love Laine so much”.

In short, Laine is a real keeper. A beautiful person. I smile bright to see her so happy.

The Top 5
1. The ceremony, at 7:00PM, was my first evening nuptials. It was romantic and elegant and even though the church was large, very intimate. I’m a fan.

2.  Just before Matt and Laine exchanged vows, Laine leaned in and whispered something to him And moments later Matt whispered back. To me, watching them exchange words (at such an epic part of the ceremony), was the sweetest of moments. It quietly captured all the comfort and love in their relationship.

3. Laine’s Dad gave a very memorable speech. (He might be my hero.) Mostly I loved that his words illustrated how well he knows Laine and how genuinely happy he is that she fell in love with Matt.

4. Our table (close to the dance floor!) was alive with catch-up conversation with some of my favorite friends who live far-away: Vish, Vanti, Chris and Linda. (Tyson, you were missed at that table, but I saw you on the dance floor!)

5. The rest of our time in Houston was spend with friends Joanie, David, Cate and Trevor. Plus a larger group got together on Saturday to watch football and catch-up. The lazy afternoon assured that we were on Texas time — relaxing.

The weekend was a extra special because Lilly and I stayed with Joanie and David. Joanie and I roomed together during my freshman soccer preseason in college (and also lived together right out of college). Although we don’t see each other as often now, we can always pick up right where we left off.

Thank you for reading this year! I hope you have enjoyed. Don’t forget to like the blog on Facebook. I’ll be back in the Spring — we already have some weddings on the calendar!

Much love.

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