Kristen & Bryce Say I Do!

May 19-20
University Park, Pennsylvania

Wedding season has arrived! Harry and I celebrated my 2nd cousin’s wedding in Penn State a few weekends ago. Yes, my 2nd cousin! Kristen is my maternal grandfather’s sister’s granddaughter. My immediate family is very small, so as a kid, Kristen and her brother Dan were the family members my brother and I loved to play with. I have fuzzy summer memories of playing Barbies in Kristen’s room while our moms talked in the kitchen and our brothers explored the outdoors. We don’t see each other very often, so the wedding weekend was filled with wonderful moments of catch-up and connection.

Stuff I loved:

1. The weather was perfect. A breakthrough sunny day in the midst of this rainy spring.  As we hustled to the chapel (after 4 hurried hours in the car), I suddenly realized that the sky was a perfect blue for Kristen’s wedding day. Kristen and Bryce looked spectacular against the background.

2. A photo of my Aunt Jane (my Grandfather’s sister and Kristen’s grandmother) and my Uncle Wayne at the cocktail hour, prompted a conversation about their wedding. He was about to ship out to war, so they got married in a hurry. She wore a silk blue dress. Only as an adult have I realized how special and important those stories are. I’m always left wanting more.

3. We also spent time with several younger 2nd cousins who I didn’t know very well growing up. Harry and I found Kyle, Wayne, Tyler and Andrew hanging on a porch outside. There was a lot of memorable talk about facial hair.

4. We met cousin Dan’s daughter Sophie for the first time. She got the party started. Check out the video.

5. Post the reception, the night continued with pitchers of beer, more stories from Uncle Wayne and Aunt Jane and all of my cousins, who I hope don’t mind if moving forward I leave off “2nd” as a descriptor.

Lots of love to Kristen and Bryce. I hope to see the whole family again very soon.

P.S. Special love and thanks to Harry who spent his birthday on Sunday driving us back to Jersey City!

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