Dear Carolyn and Matt, Cheers and Love

9 June 2012
Brooklyn, New York

Carolyn and Matt exchanged vows a few weeks ago  on a perfect, warm summer day in Brooklyn, New York. Harry and I were honored to be part of their big day.

Matt and I met the summer between my junior and senior year at a BBQ near campus.  Thrown together by circumstance (living in New Jersey for the summer), we made the best of it with hamburgers and beer. Little did I know it was the first of many meals together. That winter, Matt and I, solidified our friendship with an epic New Year’s road trip to Canada with a group of mutual friends including our later-to-be roommate and awesome friend, Mr. Paige.

Mr. Paige, Matt Fire! and I lived together during a memorable, coming-of-age part of  our 20s. It is a year we won’t forget, loaded with epic nights out followed by the ceremonial morning-after storytelling. And it was during that time that I got to know Carolyn and witnessed first-hand how well they fit together.

It is no surprise that they carefully planned every part of their wedding day together. A partnership in the careful attention to the details that readers of this blog know I very much adore. The details I loved:

The Readings: The night before the wedding, I pressed Matt for fun wedding day specifics. He mentioned that I would love the second reading at the ceremony. The first reading was from the Velveteen Rabbit which I chose for my brother’s wedding, so I thought perhaps he meant that one. BUT then, the second reading immediately topped the chart:  What Does Love Mean? (by kids 4-8). It closed with: “You really shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget.” (Jessica, 8).

Carolyn’s Dress: Quietly brilliant and beautiful — just like Carolyn.

The Venue: Williamsburgh Savings Bank in Brooklyn was magnificent — full of light and old details. Plus Matt and Carolyn added some fun with safe deposit box keys tied to the seat cards and safe deposit boxes as vases for the flowers.

The Dancing: Matt told me months ago that he was very excited about the band. He also noted that there would be no top 40 music. I wondered if I would love the music as much as Matt? It was spectacular. Plus they handed out socks to the girls so we could slip and slide around on the marble floor. And no worries on the lack of pop music, there was some real top 40 magic at the after party. In the bank vault, we danced at least 4 times to Call Me Maybe and ate lots of pizza.

The boys: Of course, Matt and Carolyn invited the old crew. It was wonderful to spend the night with those boys: Mr. Paige, Tim, Taylor and Spencer. And the extra special sauce: Tucker.

To close, I captured this tiny moment right before the after party of Carolyn and her best friend Fran holding hands. To me, it was too special not to mention.

Love and congrats to Matt and Carolyn!

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