All You Need is Love, Love: Alix & Christian Get Hitched!

20-21 July 2012
Carmel, California

alix1Alix and Christian got married on the St. Lucia Preserve — 20,000 picturesque acres of oak woodlands, savannas, grasslands, wetlands, redwood forests and Monterey pine — located just outside of downtown Carmel. What a location! And more importantly, what a weekend!

Alix and I were roommates (along with six other girls) our freshman year in college. First semester, My bunk mate Simran, Alix and I had the same free mornings each week. We regularly spent our time in the dorm room common area, dancing to Christina Aguilera and the Dixie Chicks before scurrying to class. This tradition captures what I adore most about Alix. She is full of loud love…and a ton of ridiculous.

The weekend started with an epic-night-before-the-wedding Music Legends Costume Party. The invitation read: Come as your favorite music legend. Although Harry and I wanted to go real big (as the Indigo Girls), our time to go thrift store hopping was limited, so we landed on Sonny and Cher. I thought this was an acceptable costume, until I arrived. We were so outdone!

The bride and groom were amazing, of course. Hall & Oates were AT the party, along with Kris Kross, Dolly Parton, The Village People, ZZ Top (the list goes on and on). Special shout-out to Lady Gaga (click the link to believe!). The real magic of the night happened when the DJ started playing hit songs by party guests and the legends took center stage to strut their stuff.

The big day was a true testiment to Alix and Christian. I saw them in the details at every turn. We arrived: Two wristbands: Team Alix or Team Christian. (I took both.) The program was written as a not-too-formal story. The flowers and shrubs were all green and  lush as if straight from Alix and Christian’s farm.  Their vows were honest and meaningful. At the reception, the food was organic and outstanding. Singular photos don’t do the weekend justice and & Guest has officially started capturing extensive (and exclusive) iPhone video content at events, leading to this home-cooked video/photo montage.

Final notes, Harry and I spent some quality time with my old friends. Katie, Steph, Simran and Susie — thanks for the good laughs (I think I left the hair-straightener on!) and solid talks (Can women have it all?).

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