Early Lessons from a New Wedding Planner

I tried to tell myself that I wouldn’t start thinking about our wedding until after the holidays, that I would take in all that the season and our new engagement had to offer. After five days, this approach proved to be quite a disaster. The unknowns were exhausting:

How much does a wedding cost?
More specifically, how much does a tent cost? How much does each fork cost?
When do Save the Dates have to go out?
Are all the good bands booked for 2013?
The list goes on and on and on.

So I started doing some crazy research to get some answers. Along with finding out that a toilet trailer rents for about $1300 (minimum) and asking Google questions it cannot answer (will it rain alot in September 2013?), I learned that “enjoying it” includes lists, prices and menus.

My other top DOs and DON’Ts

DO write a blog entry about your engagement and and use it when co-workers ask: “how did he propose?” Instead of telling the story over
and over again and subjecting your teammates to the story over and over again, you can just send a link! The real benefit is that Harry and I can reread the story for years to come. My parents can’t quite remember their whole engagement story: “I think we were out to dinner.” I am glad that ours is safe and sound on the world wide web.

DO make lots of plans with friends and family. It might be a little exhausting, but nothing compares to lots of toasts, hugs and
laughs to extend the initial excitement and balance the wedding planning panic. Some highlights: We met friends in Jersey City the Sunday night after we got engaged for beers and cheers. Lilly, N.I.K., Katie and Adam came for a lazy Sunday afternoon and cooked celebration Bo Ssam! (Holy pig, delicious!) Gordo, Molly, Harry and I enjoyed margaritas and delicious Mexican on a cold, winter weekday. Harry’s family welcomed us home for Thanksgiving with a late-night champagne toast. My parents planned a surprise visit to Jersey City! And my dinner club friends have already toasted us on more than one occasion!

DON’T ruin a Friday night with your Harry with lots of wedding planning talk (unless you haven’t had a lot of time to talk all week and you just really need to talk about it). But DO say all of your wild thoughts out loud to each other on all the other days of the week: Maybe we can grow a big tree inside the tent and put lights on it. Maybe we can grow two big trees! (And call them Harry and Katie!? Just kidding, Harry didn’t say that.)

DO get excited about whatever excites you about wedding planning. For me, its all about the details and DIY projects. My weeknight Words with Friends friends have lost my attention. I am busy pinning my DIY dreams on Pinterest. Mom and Bill, I’ll play a word over Christmas break.

DO use a shared Google Doc (this isn’t just a link to Google Docs, its way better!) for everything wedding related.

Looking forward to sharing this year with all of you — but sign-up for email updates (in the right column >>) if you want to read EVERYTHING because I’m not going to share all the posts on Facebook (friends might unfriend me!).


2 thoughts on “Early Lessons from a New Wedding Planner

  1. Don’t forget the Rickies we had to celebrate and we will do more toasting this weekend! Hope we can be part of your google doc – mostly just to mess with you, but for some help as well. 🙂

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