Bridesmaid Invitations

10 January 2012

The planning continues! In fact, on this particular Thursday night, we are at home on our laptops (no Homeland Season 2!) sending wedding emails and talking wedding details. Harry and I can officially add “co-workers” to our relationship list. In all seriousness though, I am thankful that we are approaching planning hand in hand.

I know you want to know! What are Harry’s hidden wedding planning talents? He doesn’t get stressed (like me). He has original ideas (so many of mine come from Pinterest!). He willingly takes on the tasks that make me nervous (i.e. talking to the priest for the first time).

Nonetheless, one element that I took on almost entirely on my own was asking my friends/family to be bridesmaids (+ 1 bridesMaleFriend) and stand with us on our wedding day. (Harry did take the photographs of me though! I attempted many selfies with my phone, but they were way too up close.) Forgoing the typical phone calls or bar/coffee meetings, I opted to send quirky packages to everyone, hoping to set an overall wedding tone: I won’t take myself too seriously! I hope you have fun! AND you won’t hate the dress. The photos below probably do the best job of showing off my DIY efforts. Each package also included a personal note. I love these ladies (and gentleman) so very much.

What I learned: DIY takes longer than you think! I successfully watched the entire season of Girls on HBO while I attached, glued, wrapped and wrote.


bridesmaid package

bridesmaid message

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