Wedding Dress Shopping: Stories & Advice

18 February 2013

We have secured the caterer, the band, the tent, the toilet and so much more — yet most people ask: have you found your dress!?

We went. Although Katie and Lilly won’t say they dragged me, I think they will tell you that I went because I had to go. Dress shopping has a timeline and I was behind!

I should have been excited right? At first, I couldn’t quite figure out why I wasn’t. I have narrowed it to these three facts: 1) It feels like a lot of pressure to find THE DRESS 2) I haven’t seen anything online that I really loved. Pinterest brings me so much inspiration, but very few dress ideas and 3) Although I don’t usually mind being the center of attention, I do get uncomfortable that friends and family will dedicate hundreds of hours to helping us plan our wedding. So first things first: Many thanks to my Mom, Lilly, Katie and Christy, Maddie, Tess and Amelia for committing a Saturday to my wedding dress and for keeping the entire day light, hilarious and positive. Also special thanks to Bob (Christy’s husband) who prepared a delicious meal for us to come home to.

1st Stop: Nicole Bridal — just outside of Philadelphia
Yes. I live in New York/Jersey City, but I went to a strip mall outside of Philly to find a dress. It was a great decision. Marina, co-owner with her mom of Nicole Bridal, was incredible. Even more amazing is that all the dresses are custom made. I said: I wish this applique (my definition: a fancy patch) wasn’t here. Marina: we can remove it. I said: I wish this dress had straps. She said: we can add them. I said: I want it to be 75 and sunny on the wedding day. Marina: I’ll see what I can do.

2nd Stop: Nordstrom’s
Disappointing. The selection was limited and the service left something to be desired. Where Marina patiently helped me in and out of each dress (it wasn’t my speciality getting in and out of those dresses!), Nordstrom’s showed a lack of interest that we were even there. Oh well! Onward.

One random moment: At Nordstrom’s, we ran into a friend of mine from middle school: Karley. The extra special part of this moment is that friend Christy mentioned above, was our sixth grade history teacher. Not sure how surprised Karley was to find her sixth grade history teacher and her three children with Katie Krum, wedding dress shopping. Pretty random.

What I learned:
– Do your hair and make-up if you want to get a true sense of what you will look like. We ended up jazzing my hair up with a twinkle headband simply because otherwise I sort of looked like I just rolled out of bed.

– Wear Spanx! How did I not think of this? I will give this advice, unsolicited, for eternity. It is going to be my forever wedding advice: Oh congrats! You are getting married. [Insert hug and kiss.] Wear Spanx when you try on those wedding dresses.

– Shop local: it might just be magical.

– If you have time, look for everyone else. We spent the later part of the day shopping for my mom, Christy, Maddie, Tess and Amelia. What a relief! And so much fun.

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. And I’m betting Katie, Lilly, Christy and maybe even my mom might have some comments to add below. (I say this because my mom’s only request for the weekend was that we travel by train to Philly. If you know Connie, you know, she loves me, not fashion.)



Untitled-4So you are probably asking: have your found your dress? I think so!

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