Semi-Homemade Wedding Invitations

Oh! The wedding invitation! It took us quite a while to get where we landed — and although it was a little stressful at times — I did really enjoy the process. Like a long run, I was so glad in the end that we did it. I think Harry was too! I think.

HOWEVER, I cannot imagine doing a full DIY invitation: Our semi-homemade invitation took several friends (thank you!!), hours and lots of patience. Plus we leaned on the world wide web for the RSVP and a majority of the wedding weekend details. Following is how it all came together:

Harry and I attempted to design the invitation ourselves, but we couldn’t get it right! Our friend Matt Welsh stepped in and saved the day. Although he doesn’t usually do wedding invitations, he understood exactly what we wanted after a quick conversation with Harry. I searched for some early Harry and Katie designs, but I don’t think we saved them because we disliked them so much!


When the invitations arrived, our DIY plans really kicked in. On one Saturday afternoon, with friends Kerry and Bill as well as soon-to-be sis-in law Elizabeth, we stamped the envelopes with a Polaroid picture stamp to create some interest. The stamp is from THE INK PAD in the West Village, NYC — a mecca of rubber stamps.




Harry took on the biggest project: Manually lining the envelopes with pretty paper from The Paper Source. While he lined, I wrote the addresses and stuck on our custom postage stamps (printed by Zazzle). Although writing addresses can take a long time, it was quite nice to have a small moment to think about each person we invited.


The last step was having each invitation hand-canceled (meaning they don’t go through the machine, so there is less risk of them getting damaged). The postman didn’t have time — so he asked if I would stamp them myself!


What I learned: DON’T do DIY alone. DO use Google Docs to organize addresses. DO start early! DON’T get stressed when you have to turn a lower case ‘o’ into an ‘e’.

Printing Credit: Custom Printing through Donna at Kate’s Paperie (

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