Jen & Rich! [insert cheers and hugs]

January 2014
Ridgefield, CT

…& Guest continues on in 2014 with a return to its roots — posts about the weddings Harry and I attend. There may be a few more “Katie and Harry wedding” posts, but, for now, onward to the wedding bliss all around us. (Gordon, no need to worry, & Guest lives on!)

Jen and Rich tied the knot in January. January!? You ask. YES! Jen and Rich didn’t care about the outdoor photos or the potential of a winter storm, they just wanted to profess their love and celebrate. #truelove

I adore Jen and Rich. Time spent with them is boisterous and jam-packed with easy conversation and laughs. If Jen and Rich were a day of the week, they would be Sunday Funday. Their wedding weekend was no different.

A few of my favorite things:

After the rehearsal and dinner on Friday night, we hung out in the hotel bar. It was a low-key night with the right mix of loud-talking, laughing about the past and excitement about what is ahead. I don’t know exactly how to produce these sorts of carefree, magical evenings — but I cherish them.

Jen and Rich got married at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, an old New England church. Snow had fallen earlier in the week, so it truly looked like scene from a painting. I usually smile through ceremonies, but this time, I cried a bit as I listened to their vows — they were the same ones Harry and I exchanged.

The first dance. 

Harry and I met Jen’s mom’s group of friends later in the night. (They loved Harry’s good looks and polite demeanor.) I hope we are all hanging out at a wedding 25 years from now.


When Max sings, we all sing along.

Check out the weekend in photos.  Cheers and hugs to Jen & Rich!

Screenshot 2014-02-16 19.33.12

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