A Year Already!? The Wedding Recap I Never Posted.

8 September 2014
Washington D.C.

Unlike previous years, wedding season is just about to gear up for us instead of slow down. We have three epic weddings this fall that I can’t wait to attend. But before we kick off our 2014 wedding season, I thought it appropriate (on our 1 year anniversary) to recap our wedding weekend.

A few of the memories that have stuck with me:

First and foremost, I remember looking at weather.com on Labor Day morning (the Monday before the wedding) and not believing my eyes: 0% chance of rain the rest of the week! My rain worries — gone!  I even took this screenshot:

2013-09-05 14.59.46

Harry and I spent the week before the wedding in Chestertown finishing (and sometimes starting) our DIY projects. When I think about the preparation, I see Harry sitting over the kitchen table sewing bow-ties. Bow-ties for all the men in involved in our wedding, sewn from his own father’s tie collection. I still get choked up when I think about how special it was. It also reinforced my theory that Harry is super human and needs less sleep than anyone I know.



Really specific memory #1: Harry rush ordered three pairs of shoes because he kept ordering the wrong size.

Really specific memory #2: Better explained via a photo (thank you Elizabeth for doing some very difficult prep work.)

2013-09-05 17.39.47

When I think about the Friday afternoon before the rehearsal dinner, I see myself sitting on the bed (as if I am looking through an open door), applying nail stickers, and laughing with my bridesmaids + Paige. A priceless hour that I will forever cherish.

The rehearsal dinner was the moment when the weekend started to speed up. We were having drinks outside and before I knew it we were being called in for dinner.


Afterwards we took buses to the local bowling alley for an evening with everyone in town for the big day. The emotion of having all of your friends and family in a single bowling alley cannot be explained. Every time you turn around you run into someone you love (bowling).


Really specific memory #3: Harry’s mom found an old Princeton t-shirt that she gave me after her speech. I loved it and put it on right away. Later I added bowling shoes to the ensemble making the outfit extra odd.


On the morning of our wedding day, Harry left the house with his mom to pick up the cupcakes. He told me later he practiced his vows on the ride. I am sure that was a special trip.

Right before the ceremony, my dad and I waited in the back as all of the guests made their way into the church. My dad — always prepared — didn’t let the moment slip by. He gave me words of advice and love that will stick with me forever.


As I mentioned, Harry and I memorized our vows. We had practiced for weeks leading up. I was well-prepared — even confidant! But you never know when your nerves are going to get the best of you. My first try went like this: “I, Katherine, take you Katie…” I shook my head and started again. Harry calmed me down with a smile. I could almost hear him say: “Oh noodle.”


Really specific memory #4: At one point during the ceremony, we had to kneel down, I remember wondering if I had taken the DSW sticker off the bottom of my shoe.

After the ceremony, we rushed through photos because we couldn’t wait to get to cocktail hour. When we arrived, I remember being so excited. So happy.


Really specific memory #5: Friends Erik and Michelle made us a custom wedding corn hole set. For all of cocktail hour I couldn’t figure out where it came from. Harry told me later. (Thank you Erik and Michelle!)

The speeches. I really have no words here. We have them captured on video (thank you Rich!) and thank goodness — they are priceless to us.


Our wedding dance! I had been looking forward to it for so long — and we cut it short because we thought everyone had been in their seats for too long. Last week when we were talking about our wedding memories, we both agreed — we wished we would have danced just a bit longer.


The rest of the night is a dancing blur. But I do remember, at one moment, my high-school friend Aynsley (she introduced me to the Indigo Girls and the best sleepovers ever) grabbed my hand and took me to the edge of the tent. She told me to take it all in. And we did. Months later I passed the moment on to my friend Jen at her wedding.





Really specific memory #6: The night ended at the house eating hot pockets purchased by our friend Alex.

Next year — more memories. #loveis(still)on

PS — I almost suggested to Harry that we make a video for this post (direct to camera follow-up to the engagement video). But I figured I will keep that ask in my pocket until next year or the year after. Harry only agrees to a few videos a decade.

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