#BadPeace: Wedding Bliss on the Eastern Shore

September 2014
Oxford, Maryland

I am a bit behind on the wedding posts this fall — so I will no doubt be blogging through the winter. The silver lining? A little wedding cheer during the holidays makes the season even brighter.

In September, Barbara and Jamie tied the knot on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Their wedding weekend was full of personalized touches that I loved. For all of the future brides out there: take note.


But first — the most important stuff: Old Friends and L.O.V.E

Jamie  and Harry have been friends since they were very little. Their first friendship memories reach back to 3 or 4. At our rehearsal dinner last fall, Jamie shared a drawing that he made in kindergarden of Harry (Paul) and Jamie holding hands.


It goes without saying that old old friendships are something special. Our lives change, we move away from home and we don’t see each other as much as we wished, but it is a sort of coming home whenever find time to catch-up. This is so true for Harry and Jamie.

As Barbara’s younger brother mentioned in his wedding day speech: Barbara and Jamie are an exceptional pair.

Barbara has a friendly beauty and demeanor that I so admire and she has stories about the ER that are worthy of a TV series. Shonda Rhimes should hang with her.

Jamie has a quiet intensity that is simultaneously warm and intimidating. When chatting with him — you always get the feeling that he is really listening.

Their collective passion for keeping friends close (no matter where they go) was evident at the wedding. It was a mixing bowl of  people from grade school, high school, college, nursing school, the Marines and beyond.

Onwards to the wedding details and moments I loved:

The venue: Barbara’s family farm in Oxford, Maryland + the better-than-brilliant weather was the perfect backdrop for all of the special touches.

2014-09-19 17.38.42

As the guests approached the ceremony, tucked away behind a group of trees, they were offered a cold beverage and a koozie. Barbara offered up her favorite, Ballantine Pale Ale and Jamie provided the Maryland staple, Natty Boh.

2014-09-20 16.14.59

The wedding party walked down the isle to a guitar instrumental of Timber by Ke$ha. I mean, AMAZING.

2014-09-20 17.39.53

The Eastern Shore loves crabs and oysters. Cocktail hour was well-appointed with fresh oysters. I went back again and again. It was luxurious.

2014-09-20 18.45.54

Between oyster after oyster, old friends connected as the sun set. I always want to stop time during these moments so we can all enjoy each other for a little bit longer.

2014-09-20 18.57.19

And of course — a good wedding hashtag. Barbara and Jamie nailed it: #BadPeace (a combination of their last names!)

A few more pics that captured it all:

2014-09-20 16.55.12

2014-09-20 18.32.42

2014-09-20 17.40.35

Cheers to Barbara and Jamie! Can’t wait to visit them in Texas!

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