Love in Philly: Katie and Adam’s Wedding Day

October 2014
Philadelphia, PA


Katie and Adam tied the knot just outside of Philadelphia at the Community Arts Center. A venue that encapsulates so much of what I love about them: relaxed, beautiful and full of charm.

2014-10-03 19.55.15

Calm as a cucumber. That was Katie on her wedding day. It didn’t matter how people mentioned that it might rain (including me) — she just shrugged. And…it didn’t rain. But even if it had — Katie wouldn’t have been bothered. She was focused on all the right stuff.


Katie and Adam decided to see each other before the ceremony so that they could enjoy cocktail hour in its entirety. Afterwards (and right before the outdoor exchanging of the vows)  the bridal party gathered while the guests were seated. We spent the time sipping champagne and bopping up and down to our favorite college pop songs. Katie and Adam stood near a window and watched all their friends and family gather to celebrate. It was an unplanned pre-party of joy that we all loved.


2014-10-04 16.49.21

Katie loves to dance. One my favorite moments was watching Adam and Katie bounce around the dance floor at the reception. As Harry observed: They had been waiting for these moments. It’s true — what Katie didn’t love was wedding planning, but on the day of she was over the moon. Everyone Katie and Adam love were on one dance floor.

Some of the other details and moments I cherished:

Katie and Adam enjoy a wonderful dinner. The rehearsal was exactly that, at one of their favorite Philly restaurants, Cochon. It was a cozy setting filled with some good story telling by Adam’s dad. And very delicious wine curated by Adam.

Right before the wedding, Katie realized she had forgotten the marriage certificate. This got to her a little bit. But no worries. We looked up marriage certificate on good old Google and created a custom version.

2014-10-04 15.08.39

At the reception, Katie’s dad played the voicemail Katie and Adam left right after they got engaged. WOW! So amazing that he saved it. And I am so happy he shared it with all of us.

Katie had a small bridal party — Jenny (her sister), Lilly, Morgan (Katie’s childhood friend) and me. The bachelorette planning and wedding weekend brought us together like few events do. By request, Morgan is now on my holiday card list.


Katie loves photos and she loves keeping them organized. It is no surprise to me that right after she returned from the honeymoon she had collected wedding photos from family, friends and social media into a single stream. She asked me to send along the photos I took, but I casually ‘forgot’ as I wanted this post to include some photos that she hadn’t already seen. Katie and Adam — here is the full Flickr stream.

In case you missed it, Lilly and I blogged about Katie and Adam on the eve of their wedding day. Dear friend — we are so happy for you. Cheers to you and Adam! (Won’t you, come on and come on and raise your glass…)

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