Laughing With Ellen

May 2015
Chevy Chase, Maryland

The spring sun is here! And wedding season is in full swing. I’m back blogging and can’t wait to tell you about our blissful adventures. Be on the lookout for a whirlwind of wedding recaps because I am four wedding posts behind. (How did that happen!?)

Harry and I stayed local this Memorial Day Weekend to celebrate with Ryan and Ellen. Ryan, my second cousin, and I connected (for the first time as adults) when Harry and I moved to DC. Our extended family is quite small, so while Ryan is “technically” my second cousin, I am happy to simply say: We’re family.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 20.07.10

The best way to describe Ryan and Ellen: genuinely sincere. And their wedding day was a perfect reflection of their heartfelt approach to each other and life in general.


We spent the afternoon at the Woodend, a 40 acre nature sanctuary (25 minutes outside of Washington D.C.). The ceremony was nestled in a grove where the sun floats around the leaves and branches. As Ryan and Ellen exchanged vows — the tallest trees swayed in the background as if to say: We are here too. Celebrating with you. It sounds peacefully magnificent…because it was.


Ryan’s college roommate who officiated the ceremony, prepared his words by chatting with the couple over the last few months. He shared that when he asked Ryan: What do you like to do most? Ryan responded: Laugh with Ellen. A simple sentiment — but my very favorite statement of the day.


The ceremony was at noon, so by 12:30, we were headed back-up a windy path to enjoy the sunny afternoon. Ryan and Ellen planned the a picture-perfect garden party: yummy drinks, casual chatter and backyard games.

And for us, it was a special time to chat with family (who we don’t see enough).


I’ll close with a note about the thoughtful speeches delivered during lunch. What everyone said, in one way or another, is easy to feel (almost instantly) when you spend time with Ryan and Ellen: they are really, really happy. together. And we are so happy for them.

Congrats Ryan and Ellen! (More photos here.)
See you soon. xo

On a personal sidenote — I think this was the most “real-time” blog post I have ever done. Just hours after the event!

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