Rewind: V & Chris! Cheers!

31 January 2015
Coral Gables, Florida

It is late night, and I am currently in-flight on my way back from a San Francisco work trip. When I flopped down in my seat, a harsh reality set in: this flight is sans streaming video or personal TVs. (Oh my gosh! No! A nightmare!) I was momentarily confronted with the possibility that my best option was to do more work. But then…I did some holiday shopping and eventually navigated here.

As some friends know, 2015 has been a year of some pretty intense working. I’m learning a ton, but I’ve also sacrificed a bit. On that sacrifice list: My wedding bliss blog posts aren’t written and published in a timely manner. It hurts my heart when I see couples who have been married for some time…and no blog post from me.  I’m not sure how much it matters to all of my married friends and family, but my tardiness is in no way a reflection of my commitment and love for sharing the stories of these happy days.

Vanessa and Chris tied the knot LAST January (so late!) in Coral Gables, Florida.


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10866058_10152839811594615_3570632451380436608_oBefore we get into wedding details, some long-ago background:

Vanessa and Harry went to college together, but their real quality time spent together was post college in Hoboken. It was those blissful days when everyone is pretty single and almost always up for a night out.


That is the summer that Harry and I met. On the soccer field. I was there with friends, Cris, Patty (getting married next June!) and Linda. Harry was there with V. Since I had an immediate crush on Harry and was generally pretty convinced the dating gods were not on my side…I decided they must be dating.

But they weren’t. Harry just knew that V loved soccer and invited her to play in his work league. V and I later found out that we have a ton in common: grew up playing soccer, currently have marketing jobs, and most importantly, we both have a love for playing games at bars and parties. I can always count on V to do the organizing. And she can always count me in.

I don’t remember the first time I met Chris, he effortlessly folded into the family of friends. And even better, he made Vanessa so happy. With some tough family stuff going on — I could tell that he made sure she didn’t feel alone.

Some of the wedding details I loved:

As someone who hasn’t taken many warm-weather winter get-aways, I didn’t realize how much I missed the sun until it was handed to me as a gift by Vanessa and Chris. Warm-weather weekends are now on my list of favorite things. We spent Saturday afternoon lounging poolside discussing important topics like who are the best people to follow on Instagram.

IMG_1613The ceremony was tucked away in a garden full of brilliant color. It was so picturesque, if I didn’t know better, I would say we were on the set of a rom-com.

IMG_1622IMG_1703IMG_1641IMG_1651 (1)

Chris is originally from the UK — so we had only met his childhood friends a time or two. They showed up in full and were ready to dance, party and generally have the best time ever. Vanessa made sure they felt right at home during cocktail hour with a fish and chips inspired appetizer. (Loved!)

IMG_1757 (1).jpg
This photos is so fuzzy, but I love all the emotion and smiles!
Most memorable though — Chris’s speech at the reception. We have been to so many weddings over the years and rarely have I seen the bride or groom speak. He thanked the families and all the friends with such sincerity and composure. My favorite part — his simple, yet very full-hearted words for Vanessa:

My love…we have such a great day today.  So special.  You look amazing…and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

Vanessa and Chris — my sincerest apologies for publishing so late and happy (almost) first anniversary! I am so very happy for you. A link to all the photos I took on my phone!

I hope to close the year with one last 2015 wedding post — Lilly and NIK, I am looking at you. xoxo

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