Neha and Paul, Congratulations!

13 May 2016
Brooklyn, New York

Neha and I went to the same college, but we became friends a few years after graduation. In the fall of 2009, Lilly formed what we now affectionately call Supper (or Dinner) Club. That summer, we realized the band (aka our post-college group of college friends) was breaking up. Many were making the migration west to San Francisco and others were going back to school. Lil and I felt a little lost in terms of our social circle.

She took the leap to suggest that a group of five ladies she knew (and loved) start getting together on a regular basis for a weekday dinner. What we didn’t know at the time was that those dinners would become a consistent outlet for discussions about finding our way at work, complicated family stuff, fashion (Neha knows best), politics, living situations and dating in NYC…aka life in general. Very simply, we (really) leaned on each other. By the time Harry and I left New York in 2013, Dinner Club had become the cornerstone of my NYC experience. And I knew I would miss those ladies so very much.

It was during one of those Dinner Clubs evenings in 2012 that Neha mentioned Paul for the first time. And we all leaned way in to hear more. IMG_4739 copy (1)In no time, Neha found the kind of comfort with Paul that we all look for. At her (Palm Springs) bachelorette, several friends mentioned how Neha and Paul enjoy each other so much that the world around them easily disappears.

IMG_0178Whispering to each other on the subway or as they walk down a crowded NYC street holding hands — they enjoy each other’s company so much. Even at their wedding, as the ceremony unfolded, I noticed moments where they leaned in for a quiet, intimate exchange amidst all the formality.

A huge hearty hug and congratulations to Neha and Paul plus some of my favorite wedding moments:

I fell in love with the authentic elated spirit of Indian weddings in 2009 when friends Vish and Vanti tied the knot in New Jersey. (Pre the launch of ...And Guest, so no blog post…yet.)

Neha and Paul’s big day delivered in full. The rainbow of colors, pre-ceremony dancing and (of course) the arrival of Paul on a horse set the tone that shouted: tonight, we celebrate!!



IMG_0389During the ceremony, the Pandit did a honest and wonderful job of explaining marriage in easy-to-understand metaphors ( I loved him!) My favorite: Neha and Paul will cross several scary mountains…together.

During Neha and Paul’s first dance, the master of ceremony invited the parents of the bride and groom to take the floor with them. I noticed Neha’s mom hold back for a few moments longer. It struck me how unimaginable the feeling must be to watch your children get married. And she was holding onto it…really cherishing it.

The wedding was of course a coming together of my New York City friends. I miss all of the club dinners these days, but when we are together, we find time to share stories, secrets and smiles. I’m so thankful for that.
IMG_0391IMG_0396IMG_0403Neha and I both have a love for the world of digital. Plus Neha is the epitome of elegance to me. So I was not surprised to find a GIF maker that delighted and blended with the rest of the event. Modern day poetry.

Most wedding nights fly by and I can’t figure out where the time went. This night in particular was over in a flash. But there was no need to wish for the time back, the best is yet to come for Neha. Getting married to Paul has always been (so authentically) about the marriage not the wedding…so it really is just the beginning.

Cheers to crossing all those mountains and #goinggreytogether. Much love.

13244232_1165010343562789_3402160936686333651_o copy
Photo Credit: Unique Lapin Photography

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