GoodGollyGordolly! Congrats!

3-5 September 2016 Woodstock, Vermont On the most sunny of September afternoons, under a Chuppah crafted with Molly’s grandmother’s tablecloth and framed in a collection of orchids (like I have never seen), we quietly leaned in to hear Gordon and Molly exchange their vows. Less than 24 hours earlier, on a rowdy bus ride back from the wedding welcome party, we sang our hearts out in an … Continue reading GoodGollyGordolly! Congrats!

At Long Last Love Has Arrived. Patty & George Tied the Knot.

17-19 June 2016 Roxbury, New York During her night-before-the-wedding-speech, Patty’s best friend from college, Shira, shared the words most used to describe Patty by her friends (she polled all of us!): Hilarious, loyal, thoughtful, loving and silly. And Patty’s friend since childhood, Allie, proclaimed that while she watched Patty have the time of her life at her bachelorette, she thought: I just love Patty so … Continue reading At Long Last Love Has Arrived. Patty & George Tied the Knot.

#Meetusbythepond: The Year Late Recap

23 June 2016 One year ago, we celebrated Lilly and NIK in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Just after their wedding, I published the words I spoke at the reception, but I have taken my time reflecting on the day. I could lie and tell you that it has taken so long because my work days are crowded, but the truth is, I wanted to be sure that Lilly … Continue reading #Meetusbythepond: The Year Late Recap

Neha and Paul, Congratulations!

13 May 2016 Brooklyn, New York Neha and I went to the same college, but we became friends a few years after graduation. In the fall of 2009, Lilly formed what we now affectionately call Supper (or Dinner) Club. That summer, we realized the band (aka our post-college group of college friends) was breaking up. Many were making the migration west to San Francisco and others were going back … Continue reading Neha and Paul, Congratulations!

Rewind: V & Chris! Cheers!

31 January 2015 Coral Gables, Florida It is late night, and I am currently in-flight on my way back from a San Francisco work trip. When I flopped down in my seat, a harsh reality set in: this flight is sans streaming video or personal TVs. (Oh my gosh! No! A nightmare!) I was momentarily confronted with the possibility that my best option was to do … Continue reading Rewind: V & Chris! Cheers!

Spring Love: Stephen & Alexa Tie the Knot

18 April 2015 Boston, Massachusetts Stephen and Alexa tied the knot in Boston this Spring. This blog post is very late and since the wedding even more exciting news…they are expecting! Double congrats! (And sorry this is so late.) In 2005, Stephen, along with our friend Julie, and I worked together and most importantly, we carpooled together. The epic carpool lead to alot of life sharing and … Continue reading Spring Love: Stephen & Alexa Tie the Knot

Hugging the Moment with Barry & Laurén

9 May 2015 New Orleans, Louisiana Barry and Laurén remind me…so often…without words…that life is good. They are light: grinning, fostering conversation and hugging the moment. Barry and I met through Harry (they went to college together), but Barry, like so many of Harry’s friends, took on my relationship with him with rigor. For Harry’s friends, if Harry loved me, that meant they loved me too. In 2011, when Barry … Continue reading Hugging the Moment with Barry & Laurén

Laughing With Ellen

May 2015 Chevy Chase, Maryland The spring sun is here! And wedding season is in full swing. I’m back blogging and can’t wait to tell you about our blissful adventures. Be on the lookout for a whirlwind of wedding recaps because I am four wedding posts behind. (How did that happen!?) Harry and I stayed local this Memorial Day Weekend to celebrate with Ryan and Ellen. Ryan, … Continue reading Laughing With Ellen

Max & Cyndee Tied the Knot!

November 2014 Newport, Rhode Island Oh goodness! This is a very special post. Max and Cyndee are such an important part of our lives. Max (Harry’s friend from college, my friend with brother-like qualities in grown-up life and the best man in our wedding) is a firm believer that we all have two families: our families and the our family of friends. Since I met … Continue reading Max & Cyndee Tied the Knot!