Custom Photo Escort Cards for Wedding

Another pre-wedding DIY recap: Personalized photo escort cards. Without the invention of Etsy, Pinterest, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram and scanners this idea would not have been possible. Also — without Lilly, who cropped and printed all the photos, Harry, who built the innovative clothes line 2 days before the wedding,  and  friends and family who went on secret missions to find photos, this idea would have only … Continue reading Custom Photo Escort Cards for Wedding

DIY Wedding Reception Table Arrangements

Even though our wedding day is over — I have so many stories that I ran out of time to tell leading up to the big day. So — instead of rushing into writing the Wedding Day post, I decided to write about some of the preparation. Today: DIY Wedding Reception Arrangements. As my mom knows, I love setting the table at Thanksgiving and Christmas, … Continue reading DIY Wedding Reception Table Arrangements

Where Should We Put the Tent?

Early in the wedding planning process, Harry and I asked Harry’s mom if she was open to us having our reception at her home in Chestertown, Maryland. She was thrilled. Everyone who has been there knows the house by the water, is magical. Crabs come by the bushel and time slows down when you spend a sunny afternoon poolside with friends and family. This past … Continue reading Where Should We Put the Tent?

Wedding Dress Shopping: Stories & Advice

18 February 2013 We have secured the caterer, the band, the tent, the toilet and so much more — yet most people ask: have you found your dress!? We went. Although Katie and Lilly won’t say they dragged me, I think they will tell you that I went because I had to go. Dress shopping has a timeline and I was behind! I should have … Continue reading Wedding Dress Shopping: Stories & Advice

Bridesmaid Invitations

10 January 2012 The planning continues! In fact, on this particular Thursday night, we are at home on our laptops (no Homeland Season 2!) sending wedding emails and talking wedding details. Harry and I can officially add “co-workers” to our relationship list. In all seriousness though, I am thankful that we are approaching planning hand in hand. I know you want to know! What are Harry’s … Continue reading Bridesmaid Invitations

Early Lessons from a New Wedding Planner

I tried to tell myself that I wouldn’t start thinking about our wedding until after the holidays, that I would take in all that the season and our new engagement had to offer. After five days, this approach proved to be quite a disaster. The unknowns were exhausting: How much does a wedding cost? More specifically, how much does a tent cost? How much does … Continue reading Early Lessons from a New Wedding Planner

We’re Engaged!

Harry proposed! I said YES! Following is the proposal story. Of course, I don’t know all the before-he-popped-the-question details. Maybe I can convince Harry to write a quick post from his perspective. Maybe! I was full of bliss and excitement about the weekend because my good friend Jenny and her husband Alex were in town. Saturday night was going to be my favorite kind of … Continue reading We’re Engaged!

Parabéns Sandra & Jonathan!

21 October 2012 Elizabeth, New Jersey The single silver lining of Hurricane Sandy: I found some time (post packing everything we own above floor level) to write the final …& Guest wedding post of the year. Sandra (we don’t call her Sandy!) and Jonathan tied to knot in Elizabeth, New Jersey on a blue-sky, autumn afternoon in October. Sandra and I met in graduate school almost … Continue reading Parabéns Sandra & Jonathan!

To: Courtney & Kelly, with love

17-19 August 2012 Catskill, NY In the days approaching Courtney and Kelly’s wedding, Harry and I discussed the regular details. Did I reserve a car? Is (old friend) Liz staying with us on Friday night or just Saturday? How long is the drive? Inside these conversations, I regularly interchanged “Courtney’s wedding” and “Kelly’s wedding.” Uniquely, Courtney and Kelly’s wedding was between two people who I … Continue reading To: Courtney & Kelly, with love