Wedding Dress Shopping: Stories & Advice

18 February 2013 We have secured the caterer, the band, the tent, the toilet and so much more — yet most people ask: have you found your dress!? We went. Although Katie and Lilly won’t say they dragged me, I think they will tell you that I went because I had to go. Dress shopping has a timeline and I was behind! I should have … Continue reading Wedding Dress Shopping: Stories & Advice

Love, Love, Love Russ and Tara!

Russ (friend of Harry’s from college) proposed to Tara on his birthday last winter. In front of friends and family at their home in Jersey City, he shocked Tara with the proposal. We all suspected they would get married, but none of us knew when. We definitely didn’t think it would be on his birthday! Tara once confided that she and Russ talked about a … Continue reading Love, Love, Love Russ and Tara!

Joanie! Joanie! Hooray!

Cleveland, OHIO 16-18 July 2010 Joanie and David tied the knot in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, July 17. Joanie, Katie Kopil and I lived together our first year (Joanie’s second) out of college. It was a hectic time, filled with love, broken hearts, job frustration and strong friendship for all of us. Joanie and David went on a long distance roller coaster that year – … Continue reading Joanie! Joanie! Hooray!

“Now it takes two. And it used to take one.”

Wedding #1: Brian and Julia Get Married After a wine tour through the Finger Lakes in upstate New York, an outdoor BBQ (the rehearsal dinner), a small outdoor ceremony on the grounds of a local winery, and a reception complete with beer brewed at home (by Julia’s dad), Brian and Julia, danced to “Two” by Ryan Adams. The song floated crisp and clear from Brian’s … Continue reading “Now it takes two. And it used to take one.”