Bananas for Kerry’s Bachelorette!

Montauk, NEW YORK
26,27 June 2010
In less than a week Harry and I leave for six days in Bermuda to celebrate with Bill and Kerry. There has been quite a bit of planning and saving, nonetheless not until this past weekend did it actually hit me that the wedding (and our vacation) has arrived. I love anticipation, so Kerry’s Bachelorette was perfect timing, we danced and celebrated and at the end of the weekend, I realized the party had just begun. “See you next week,” I shouted as we all parted ways on Sunday morning. Kerry’s bachelorette was the coming together of friends from several worlds: family and friends from high school, college and post-college. Meet the suspects:

ColleenColleen: Younger sister of the bride and 1st time bachelorette planner (she was brilliant!). Complete with a surf lesson, beach time, cheese, a family style dinner and a dance floor, Colleen put together a great weekend. She even brought all 8 of us coffee on Saturday morning before the 8:15 surf lesson!

Lauren & Jaclyn: The bachelorette started with a long car ride out of the city with Kerry’s spicy friends from high school, Lauren and Jaclyn. Although the trip was long, Lauren and Jaclyn filled it with funny, honest stories. A “Never Have I Ever” game (prompted by one of them, of course!) before bed on Friday night proved that we are never too old to play the games we played in high school. And it is much more interesting now! (Special props to Lauren for driving us home…while we slept!)

Rania: Rania makes me smile over and over again. Her Greek heritage makes two things true: 1) She describes quirky differences between American culture and Greek culture that I thoroughly enjoy and 2) Anything that she desires, I desire, based on her accent and description. A cocktail on Sarturday night: “Ahhhhh, that looks very nice.” 2 please!

Marissa: Marissa (or sporty Marissa as I want to call her) is always ready to have fun. Always ready to stay for one more beer or one more minute.  But she crashed on Saturday afternoon for 3 hours. She slept right through the World Cup, showers and hair dryers. Marissa rocks out and sleeps like a rock too.

Kristina: I met Kristina for the first time this weekend. Storyteller and fashionista, she makes everyone laugh and feel comfortable + she dances all the way until the end – in heels (and the cutest blue dress)! I can’t wait to sit with her on the beach next week and talk more about jeans, websites, marriage and everything else.

Jamie: Jamie is Kerry’s  cousin. It wasn’t until late in the weekend that I found out she is a High School health and gym teacher. “You must have amazing stories!” And she does. The anonymous question box sounds particularly interesting. Can’t wait to meet her sisters at the wedding!

And of course Kerry! Kerry soaked herself up in the weekend. Such a joyful soul, I can’t wait to celebrate with her in Bermuda. (And see her in that Cynthia Rowley dress we found in Montauk!)

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