Parabéns Sandra & Jonathan!

21 October 2012
Elizabeth, New Jersey

The single silver lining of Hurricane Sandy: I found some time (post packing everything we own above floor level) to write the final …& Guest wedding post of the year. Sandra (we don’t call her Sandy!) and Jonathan tied to knot in Elizabeth, New Jersey on a blue-sky, autumn afternoon in October.

Sandra and I met in graduate school almost 4 years ago. During our time at NYU, a small group of us denied the perception that friends are hard to find in a part-time program. While we were in school we leaned on each other for motivation to get the work done. Post school, we provide each other with love, laughter and, of course, career advice.

The Wedding Day Details:
The ceremony was a glimpse into Sandra and Jonathan’s Portuguese heritage. The Officiate spoke mostly in Portuguese and translated for the English-speaking participants. Although that might make it sound long and confusing, it was just the opposite. The nuptials rolled along at a pace that allowed us to take in all the beauty of the church and the day.

Right after the ceremony, we greeted the newlyweds with ribbons, bells and bubbles on the front steps of the church. We lingered, took photographs and chatted. A common characteristic throughout the day: there was no rush.

We had a few hours before the reception started, so Andrea, Francis, Todd (Francis’s husband) and Harry found a local bar and caught up on our lives in detail.

At the cocktail hour, we regretted the snacks we had gotten at the bar, as the appetizer options were endless. Completely endless. It was delicious and hard to believe we still had dinner and dessert to follow. My favorite: The mussel-crab-shrimp-oyster-clam station.

As only a digital marketer would do, the reception highlighted photos from the wedding almost in real-time!

Sandra and Jonathan’s wedding day was a slow build of surprise and delight – reaching its final pinnacle when the Newark Sport Club Portugues surprised them with a traditional Portuguese dance performance just before dinner. I’m not sure how one organizes such a parade involving so many people — it was very special.  Watch the video to see the dancing!

All my love Sandra and Jonathan! Parabéns!

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