To: Courtney & Kelly, with love

17-19 August 2012
Catskill, NY

In the days approaching Courtney and Kelly’s wedding, Harry and I discussed the regular details. Did I reserve a car? Is (old friend) Liz staying with us on Friday night or just Saturday? How long is the drive? Inside these conversations, I regularly interchanged “Courtney’s wedding” and “Kelly’s wedding.” Uniquely, Courtney and Kelly’s wedding was between two people who I know and love dearly:

Kelly, a college soccer teammate, two years my senior,  is unmatched when it comes to loyalty and good times. Courtney, I originally met through Kelly, but in January we became co-workers. Now, Courtney, whose laugh and conversation makes any ho-hum work day better, is a true friend. It’s hard not to hug her every time we have a meeting together.

Harry and I jumped in the car on Friday night with hopes of getting to American Glory for a beer before Courtney and Kelly left for the night. Sadly, we arrived just as I received a tweet from Courtney (our funny method of communication because we work in digital marketing and we find it amusing): @therealishdeal: headed home : ( #beautysleep.

Oh no, I had to wait until the next day to give them hugs and say hooray.

My short, tweet-like sentences about  Hooray Day:

The setting was a dream. A beautiful barn on the sunniest of days in The Catskills.

Courtney and Kelly walked down the aisle hand in hand. They were striking.

The vows made me cry. They were quite special (you can listen here).

It was an intimate evening. I think everyone got a hug and chat with Courtney and Kelly at cocktail hour.

Family and friend speeches had a common thread:  They loved them individually, but had  fallen in love with them together.

Everyone danced the night away. Harry said it best: “So many beautiful people on the dance floor.”

Watch the video and see for yourself.  Courtney &  Kelly, all my love.

Check out all the photos too.

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