REWIND: Bro Clayt & Sis-in-Law Sarah August 2009 Wedding

Gettysburg, PA
August 22, 2009

Happy 1 year anniversary to my brother Clayton and sister-in-law Sarah! I don’t have a wedding this weekend, so I thought it might be fun to REWIND and celebrate Clayton and Sarah with a recap of their wedding.

Clayton and Sarah wed last year on August 22, 2009 in Gettysburg, PA.  Sarah planned a beautiful weekend and we had a lot of family fun.

nanaandclaytMom and Dad Krum (a.k.a Con and Jon) hosted the rehearsal dinner. My Dad and I both spoke. Dad gave a thoughtful speech with just the right balance of comedy and sincerity. I spoke next: A tribute to my paternal grandparents. Nana Krum passed away years ago and our grandfather was not healthy enough to make the trip. Our mom’s parents are holding on and living strong and I’m happy to say Nana Dot and  Pop Pop George were there to celebrate. Unfortunately, I cried through most of the speech and learned an important lesson: figure out how to pull it together!

Saturday the bridal party gathered in Sarah’s suite for much of the morning and early afternoon. I was a virgin bridesmaid and it had never occurred to me how much time the bride has before the actual ceremony. Of course there was lots of “getting ready,” nonetheless there was  free time. We watched E True Hollywood Stories (awesome!), drank champagne and took pictures. Lesson: Find some good reality TV for wedding mornings. (Also Clayton made a very sweet photo album and had it delivered in the morning. oh Clayt!)

What I loved the most during those hours (and throughout the entire weekend), Sarah was Sarah. In a wedding dress, or a t-shirt and shorts, she is always herself: Fun, friendly, honest and outspoken.

The church was beautiful, but hot. Real hot. All of the other bridesmaids managed to look like they weren’t hot. No lesson learned here because I still haven’t figured out the art of not sweating.

During the ceremony, Clayton’s best man, JW held the rings. As he passed them to the minster, he dropped my brother’s band. A clink on the floor, then a bounce, and a swipe of a hand.  Before we even realized what happened, JW caught it in mid air and calmly passed it off. That ring’s slippery beginning was a harbinger for what was to come. Clayton lost it in the ocean on their honeymoon!

claytonandsarahI joke about this, but I think its true about Clayton and Sarah: Everything doesn’t work out perfectly: The ring (of course!) and my brother mistakenly threw out Sarah’s wedding veil, Sarah washed my brother’s wallet a few days before the wedding, which resulted in my brother spilling the beans about their honeymoon destination, and recently their new refrigerator broke a few months after they bought it. BUT they roll with the punches and  have a great time telling us the true life adventures of Clayton and Sarah. The most important lesson learned (and Clayton teaches me again and again): Have fun. Have lots and lots of fun. Much love and luck to Clayton and Sarah as they roll into year two!

P.S. They had the most amazing band! Check.out.the dickens.

5 thoughts on “REWIND: Bro Clayt & Sis-in-Law Sarah August 2009 Wedding

  1. more advise… refrigerators are expensive and home warranties should be more than considered. Cheers to year #2!

  2. Excellent rewind. Makes me want to look at the pictures for the 1000th time. I just want to mention that you “roll with the punches” not bunches. I am sure that was just a typo…ha

  3. A bit more advice… fidges are expensive AND you might want to consider home warranties as more than just a suggestion.

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