Big Family = Lots o Love

June 11-12
Baltimore, Maryland
A few weeks ago, Harry and I traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to celebrate his cousin Molly’s wedding with his mom and two sisters, Emily and Elizabeth. Harry has a very big family and mine is teeny tiny small, so in the midst of the evening I realized how many relatives were there and told Harry how amazing it was.

The big family’s little moments that I loved:
During the ceremony, we paused to greet the friends and family around us. Molly and Nick traveled into the pews to give hugs and greet family. Even after the organ stopped, they continued into the first few pews to be sure they reached as many family members as possible.

Molly’s aunt’s band (from her Dad’s side) was the entertainment for the night!

When Maggie, Molly’s sister and maid of honor, stood to give the toast, her 2 brothers and other 2 sisters stood with her in support and celebration.

Prior to the wedding I had not met all of the cousins, but everyone welcomed me with open arms, easy conversation and patience in terms of my ongoing desire to create a mental family tree.

The next day, we gathered together again to celebrate Harry’s cousin Mary’s graduation and his cousin Libby’s engagement at a family picnic. Big families (who don’t all live in the same place) take advantage of time together. I loved it! Can’t wait to celebrate Libby and Rhett’s big day in September.

Special thanks to Elizabeth who let me borrow her photos for the blog! (I forgot my camera. A wedding blogger’s nightmare.)

On a side note — thanks to the friends lately who have taken time to tell me that they like reading my blog. Means the world to me.

3 thoughts on “Big Family = Lots o Love

  1. I love everything about you Katrine! Your enthusiasm, your smile, your friendship all these years, your artistry, your determination and perseverance, your darling beau, and yes, even your blog!! Miss you….XOXOX

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