A Wedding to Remember

3-5 June 2011
Capon Springs, West Virginia

Harry and I kicked off wedding season 2011 celebrating Tyson and Aynsley’s marriage in Capon Springs, West Virginia! Aynsley and I met in 6th grade and I can truly call her a forever friend. It is hard to believe that we have known each other for almost 20 years. The wedding was a true reflection of Aynsley and Tyson, making it, in my mind, extra special.

The Location:  Capon Springs is a less formal version of the summer getaway (Kellerman’s) in Dirty Dancing. Cottages (that are never locked) are scattered across the landscape and old, outdoor, summer time fun is encouraged – golfing, swimming, outdoor shuffle board, soccer, and swaying in a hammock,  to name a few. The meals (always eaten together) are as classic as the activities – french toast, eggs, chicken, mash potatoes, green beans and Pearl’s Apple Butter. Aynsley and her family have shared 28 years of summer memories at Capons Springs and I am so happy Aynsley and Tyson shared the magic of Capon Springs with us.

Friday Night: Friday night kicked off with drinks and live music on the front porch of the main house. Aynsley looked radiant and funky (words that describe her in general) in a pink and white striped dress (only she can pull that off!). As I chatted with Aynsley’s friends from college and our friends from High School (Ally and Vanessa), an old friend, Sarah, from writing camp (yes, you read that correctly), appeared at my side. I hadn’t seen her in over 12 years. As we hugged she exclaimed: “You have the same laugh!” So much — beyond my laugh — was the same. It was simply wonderful to spend time with her. At dinner, each table did a Mad Lib describing how Aynsley and Tyson met and read it to the entire group. (A great ice-breaker that I might steal and use in the future!) The night ended with a bond fire, hot dogs and singing including a round of Row, Row, Row Your Boat lead by Aynsley’s talented singing sister, Connor.

Saturday Morning Flowers: On Saturday morning Aynsley gathered all the women in her life to help set-up for the ceremony and reception. Together, we arranged wild flowers in glass bottles, cut table runners and tied ribbon. Over the course of the morning, the vision that Aynsley had seen in her mind for months, came to life. Completely unconventional when it comes to how a bride usually spends the morning before her wedding, Aynsley not only constructed her own reception, she managed to spend quality, memorable time with the people she loves.

The Ceremony: We sat in a circle at the bottom of a hill and watched as Tyson, family members, groomsmen and Aynsley’s sisters (the bridesmaids) walked down the hill and into the circle. Then, Aynsley arrived at the top of the hill, in a stunning, vintage dress (with just the right amount of funk). John, Aynsley’s younger brother, lead the ceremony, including a moment of silence when the circle was invited to speak. Tyson and Aynsley exchanged their own vows. Harry probably said it best when he commented that when they exchanged vows they were speaking to each other and simply allowed us to listen in.

The Reception: As I am sure you are expecting, the reception was just as special as the rest of the weekend. Special shout-outs: Delicious homemade food, DJ John kept us on the dance floor, Mrs. Briggs created a video capturing the story of Aynsley and Tyson, the speeches from Aynsley’s sisters and Tyson’s sister were honest and funny (just the way we all love them!) and Aynsley’s grandfather, affectionately called “Fi,” was a star on the late night dance floor.

It was a long trip back on Sunday, but totally worth it. Plus I was glad to spend time with Ally and Vanessa. Ally, can’t wait to see the photos! (In the meantime,  you can check out the photos I took.) Much love to Aynsley and Tyson. You guys are extra special. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

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