“I’m on the Edge (the edge) of Glory!”

June 22-24
Bridgehampton, NY

Last weekend, Lilly, Skinner and I headed to BridgeHampton, NY to celebrate Alex’s upcoming wedding to Matt. Alex is a true friend, listener and companion, so it was no surprise that she was surrounded by so many who love her: her sister, childhood friends, college teammates (soccer and lacrosse!), post college friends and law school buddies!

We all played soccer together in college — and as anyone who played college sports knows, getting together post college is its own kind of coming home. There is comfort in the collective memory. Together, we feel like some very true and honest version of ourselves.

The weekend recap:

We picked Skinner up at the airport early on Friday and arrived at the house before 10AM — giving us an extra day of catch-up and relaxation at the beach.

Friday night we got ready to go out just like we did in college, crowded in the bathroom together, asking for advice on make-up, outfit choices, and everything else.

With a fair amount of car time between the beach and home as well as at night between the restaurants and bars, we became acquainted and very quickly fell in love with Lady Gaga’s new (well, new to me!) single “The Edge of Glory.” By the end of Friday night, it was the official theme song of the weekend, complete with with our own rendition recorded with Lilly’s phone: A priceless keepsake (that will not be shared here). Harry even got a late night text declaring simply: “I’m on the edge of glory.”

Saturday morning we prepared a magnificent brunch and recounted the events of the previous night. (In adult life there just aren’t enough opportunities to do that anymore.)

On Saturday we all got taken out by the waves — including momentarily losses of bathing suites. One by one, we came back to our plot of sand flabbergasted. Nature seemed to be making a statement in the Hamptons: We can’t cut, trim, manicure and control everything. 

At the bar on Saturday night, Lilly asked the DJ to play “The Edge of Glory” and we closed the night dancing (jumping) and singing (screaming).

The very best part? This is just the beginning of many celebrations for our soccer family. Onward to Skinner’s bachelorette, Alex’s wedding and Skinner’s wedding all within the next 2 months!

Thanks to Alex’s sister Jackie for organizing the weekend. Can’t wait to see everyone in September when Alex and Matt tie the knot– don’t forget your orange party hat!

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